Start creating custom GPT bots with access to your data in no time! Chat Thing makes it easy to create AI chatbots for all sorts of use-cases using your existing data and documents. You can create bots and connect them to Notion, Websites, Youtube and more, so the bot can answer questions using your data.


Quick start

Create your first custom ChatGPT bot in minutes.



Learn all about bots and their settings.


Data sources

Learn how to connect your data to your custom ChatGPT bots



Learn how to chat to your AI bot via WhatsApp, Slack, Discord and more!



Learn how to give your bots new powers like web browsing, using APIs and more!

After reading the above sections, you should know everything you need to to start creating awesome ChatGPT bots with Chat Thing! We can't wait to see what you make!

Need more help?

If find something missing in the docs or need help with your specific use case, you can get in contact with us directly:

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