Which data sources can Chat Thing use?

Whether you’re linking to information sources or uploading files, Chat Thing can read from multiple sources to give you what you need.

We’ve designed Chat Thing to only work with the sources you provide - making it more accurate at providing tailored information.

Current sources include:

Web - Link to a site, intranet or page and Chat Thing will index your link, pulling out everything it can find for use in the interface.

Notion - Bring in your data from whichever format you choose, tables, lists, plain text…not a problem.

YouTube - Got how to guides or instructional videos? Simply link Chat Thing to these and it’ll do the rest.

RSS - Use the power of no hassle uploading — simply link to your RSS and Chat Thing will read every last scrap.

PDF - Open up your published formats with Chat Thing to use the power of plain language search.

Documents - Upload your content from whichever word processing software you use including Word, Google docs and Pages — or share your files.

CSV - Upload or share your spreadsheets and get Chat Thing to make them work harder for you.

EPUB - Whether you integrate a published work or a work in progress, Chat Thing loves a good read and will go deeper than any editor or archivist.