Turn any CSV into an AI chatbot

The easiest way to create an AI chatbot powered by GPT using your files. The possibilities are endless.

See how easy it can be to upload a file and get your very own assistant:

Whether you're manoeuvring through CSVs, organizing data, or analyzing information, storing data or integrating with other systems Chat Thing is your ultimate time-saving ally! Prepare to witness a revolutionary approach to CSV management that will transform the way you work.

Say goodbye to endless scrolling and frantic searches! With Chat Thing at your fingertips, you can now effortlessly ask questions, obtain concise summaries, extract valuable insights, and unlock a plethora of CSV-related capabilities.

No matter the size or complexity of your CSV files, Chat Thing is equipped to handle your data needs. From organizing important data to conducting data analysis, Chat Thing streamlines your workflow, maximizes your productivity, and empowers you to achieve more in less time.

Demo bots

Try it yourself and have a play with a few demo bots below!

HR Bot

A bot trained on a company HR manual

Try me!

Harry Potter Bot

A bot trained on the Harry Potter Wikipedia entry copied into Notion

Try me!

Airbnb Bot

A bot trained on a fictitious Airbnb instructions

Try me!

API Docs Bot

A bot trained on a API documentation from Beestat.io

Try me!

Knowledge Base Bot

A bot trained on Crons help centre knowledge base

Try me!

Vue.js Docs

A bot trained on the entire Vue.js documentation by using Markdown files

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