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Check out our selection of example bots for all kinds of use-cases! See how we have set them up, our prompts, what data sources we have added, and more. If you’ve made a cool bot let us know and we’ll add it here.

Surf forecast

Get surf forecasts for any location in the world. Uses Surfline forecasts.

Vue v3.3.4 docs

This bot is trained on the entire Vue.js v3.3.4 documentation markdown files.

Chat Thing Bot

The bot that powers the Chat Thing chat widget.

HR Bot

A bot that can answer HR queries using a company handbook in Notion.


This bot is trained on all the transcripts from the My First Million podcast on Youtube. Ask it anything about episodes of MFM! (Last updated 03/29/2023)

Harry Botter

A bot that can answer questions on Harry Potter using information copied from Wikipedia into a Notion page.

Post organiser

Organises physical snail mail using GPT-4 vision and Notion.

The Argus AI

A bot for the lcoal Brighton newspaper The Argus. Can answers questions about local news, events and sport.

Surf forecast

Get surf forecasts for any location in the world. Uses Surfline forecasts.

AirBnB Description Generator

Generates descriptions of holiday rentals for AirBnB using uploaded photos.

Airbnb Bot

This bot can answer questions for guests staying in a fictitious Airbnb called Chat Things House. It is trained on a Notion workspace.

Notion Meal tracker

This bot uses GPT-4 Vision to analyse your meals nutritional value, and then logs them to a Notion database.

Writing style analyser

Analyse the writing style on a website, blog, article or anything else, and generate a prompt allowing AI bots to mimic this style.


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