Chat Thing GPDR Compliance 🇪🇺

Here you will find all the information necessary around our GDPR compliance for business wishing to use Chat Thing within the EU or UK, or for those who will use Chat Thing to process personal data of those inside the EU and UK.

Is Chat Thing GDPR compliant?

Chat Thing is based in the UK (data is stored in the US) and complies with the GDPR framework.

Measures we have taken

  • Our privacy policy provides information on the data we collect, data retention, data transfers and your protection rights.
  • We use industry standard encryption and other security measures to keep your data safe.
  • User's have full control over their data, including the ability to delete their account and all data from within the Chat Thing dashboard.
  • We have a Data Processing Agreement. If you need a signed copy email [email protected]
  • Our main data storage is in the US, but we have Data Protection Agreements in place with the Sub-Processors to ensure GDPR compliance. See Sub-Processors section below.

What happens with my Chat Bot data?

Chat Thing provides a chat bot service and is not the owner collected responses and conversations. The chatbot creator is responsible for the data he/she collects while using the Chat Thing service, and as such is the data controller in this scenario. Chat Thing is the processor and stores data on behalf of the creator.

You are able to export and delete data from your account if required. You can also request account deletion by email [email protected]

How do you use my personal data?

We make use of your personal data for specific Processing Activities that allow us to provide you with the Chat Thing service or to give you a better experience.

Your information is only stored for as long as necessary to provide you with the Chat Thing service to which you have subscribed.

Each Processing Activity in the table below has been marked with the legal basis for the activity.

  • Legitimate Interest (LI): The data is necessary for the pursuit of our legitimate interests or of a third party’s (e.g. we believe that the collection of said data will improve your experience)
  • Contractual Duties (CD): The data is necessary for the preparation of or execution of a contract with individuals (e.g. payment details for a subscription)
  • Consent (C): The data is used for a specific purpose upon clear consent collected from individuals (e.g. you have explicitly said you agree to something).
Processing ActivityPurposeLegal Basis
Registering, accessing and managing an accountTo allow you to to register and account and use the Chat Thing service.LI, CD, C
Adding data sources to a botAdding content to your bot from various data sources to be used as knowledge so it can effectively answer questions.LI, CD, C
Receiving and sending messages as part of bot conversationsAllowing users to have conversations with bots so bots can be used for their intended purpose.LI, CD, C
Marketing emailsTo send marketing communication and updates about Chat Thing.LI,C
Payment and billingTo process payments and set up subscriptions to the Chat Thing service.LI, CD, C
Customer supportTo provide help and support to customers.LI
TestimonialsTo gather testimonials for the Chat Thing service to be used in marketing.C
Website AnalyticsGathering website analytics to help optimise the service.LI,C
Bug tracking and system logsTo investigate issues with the system and prevent abuse.LI,CD,C


We use a number of Sub-Processors to provide the above processing activities. The full list can be found here: Sub-Processors

Data Processing Agreement

Chat Thing may process personal information on behalf of its customers and and as a result we must provide a Data Processing Agreement. You can find it here: DPA