Turn any word document into an AI chatbot

The easiest way to create an AI chatbot powered by GPT using your word docs. The possibilities are endless.

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Chat things allows you to easily and quickly turn your word docs in to an AI chatbot. Your AI assistant can answer all questions you may have about the content of your word doc.

Whether it's an academic paper, a novel, some creative writing or a legal document then Chat Thing can help.

Demo bots

Try it yourself and have a play with a few demo bots below!

HR Bot

A bot trained on a company HR manual

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Harry Potter Bot

A bot trained on the Harry Potter Wikipedia entry copied into Notion

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Airbnb Bot

A bot trained on a fictitious Airbnb instructions

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API Docs Bot

A bot trained on a API documentation from Beestat.io

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Knowledge Base Bot

A bot trained on Crons help centre knowledge base

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Vue.js Docs

A bot trained on the entire Vue.js documentation by using Markdown files

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