List of Sub-Processors

Last updated 21 March 2024

Chat Thing engages with a number of Sub-Processors to support our infrastructure and the normal running of the platform. By agreeing with our DPA, you agree all of these Sub-Processors may have access to Customer Data.

Third Part Sub-ProcessorPurposeApplicable ServicePlace of processing
Supabase Inc - DPAHosting & InfrastructureUsed as primary database storage, file storage and authentication systems.United States
RailwayHosting & InfrastructureOn demand cloud computing and APIsUnited States
CloudflareContent Delivery NetworkWeb infrastructure and web site security including domain name server services, DDoS protection, content delivery network, and SLL certificatesUnited States
Open AIAI APIsAI API services powering botsUnited States
StripePayment ProcessorCollection and processing of customer payments and subscriptionsUnited States
PlausibleWeb AnalyticsWeb analytics and usage statisticsGermany
PosthogWeb analyticsWeb analytics and usage statistics and A/B testingGermany
ConvertKitMarketing EmailsEmail notifications and marketing emails testingUnited States