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From legal PDFs to financial CSVs, chat with any file type through Chat Thing's advanced AI. Chat Thing brings your documents to life!

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Revolutionise file management with Chat Thing

Legal PDF Analysis

Delve into legal PDFs interactively. Chat Thing enables you to query complex legal documents for specific information, making legal reviews more efficient.

Financial Insights from CSVs

Transform raw financial data in CSVs into clear insights. Ask Chat Thing about financial trends and receive real-time, easy-to-understand analysis.

Epubs and Beyond: Engage with Any File Type

Whether it's ePubs, documents, or other file formats, Chat Thing can analyse and summarise content, making data from any file type accessible and interactive.

"Integrating our file system with Chat Thing has vastly improved our efficiency. Accessing and understanding our data has never been easier"

Enhance Your File Data Analysis with Chat Thing

Integrating Chat Thing with most file formats, from PDFs and CSVs to ePubs, revolutionises your approach to data handling and analysis. Here's how this integration benefits you:

  1. Comprehensive File Type Interaction: Chat Thing's AI is adept at analysing most file formats. Extract key points from complex legal documents, or summarise intricate financial data for easier understanding.

  2. Customised Data Engagement: Direct Chat Thing's focus to the areas you need. Whether interpreting legal clauses, analysing financial reports, or summarising literature, the AI adjusts to your specific requirements.

  3. Efficient Information Summarisation: Rapidly obtain overviews of large documents or datasets. Chat Thing's summarisation skills enhance comprehension while saving time.

  4. Interactive File Conversations: Engage with your files through interactive dialogues. Chat Thing turns routine data review into a more engaging and insightful process.

  5. Focused Data Analysis: While Chat Thing doesn't correlate data across formats, it excels in in-depth analysis within individual files, providing targeted insights based on your queries.

Leverage Chat Thing's capabilities to transform your interaction with most file types, achieving deeper understanding and more efficient data management.

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