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Will AI take over my job as an author?

In the world of writers and authors, the rise of ChatGPT has sparked concerns about its potential to replace human creativity. However, we believe that ChatGPT is not here to take over but to enhance the writing experience, opening new possibilities for creative exploration. In this blog post, we'll explore how Chat Thing can become your valuable writing buddy, assisting you throughout your literary journey.

ChatGPT is your AI writing buddy:

Have you ever wondered "how can AI help authors and writers"? Well... ChatGPT can be your trusted writing ally, especially using Chat Thing to make dedicated writing bots. It offers a plethora of benefits that complement your creative process.

1. Characterisation:

Struggling to flesh out a character? Chat Thing can provide creative nudges, helping you shape unique and compelling personas.

2. Developing Story Arcs:

Chat Thing is your brainstorming partner. Engage in discussions with it to explore various story arcs and take your narrative to new heights.

2. Banishing Writer's Block:

Tired of hitting writer's block? Chat Thing can help you get started or enhance a storyline, empowering you to overcome creative roadblocks and rekindle your inspiration.

3. Accessing Character Histories:

Forgot what your characters said or how they reacted in past situations? Chat Thing can swiftly retrieve such details, saving you from tedious searches.

Custom ChatGPT bots for authors:

Chat Thing offers a user-friendly interface to interact and collaborate with. Let's look at an example:


Example: By simply using the prompt "Expand on the following short story premise, make it exciting, creative + inspiring", we generated a captivating storyline in seconds! Try it for yourself here with your own story idea.

So to conclude, I think we should embrace ChatGPT as a powerful tool to amplify your creative expression. If we use tools like Chat Thing, then we can take our work to the next level! Instead of fearing it, see it as a writing companion that complements your artistry, freeing you to explore uncharted territories in your storytelling.

Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read this blog post. In the next blog post I'm going to talk about our thoughts on whether ChatGPT will take over our jobs as accountants.