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What is Dave's favorite basketball team?

Dave Winer doesn't explicitly mention his favorite basketball team on However, in a post from May 14, 2018, he mentions rooting for the Boston Celtics as the talented underdog in the NBA playoffs.

Really? I would of thought he was a Knicks fan.

Dave Winer does mention being a Knicks fan in a post from February 13, 2021, where he talks about watching a Knicks-Nets game and feeling pride in New York basketball. However, he also mentions the possibility of rooting for the Nets and suggests that NBA team owners should avoid signing players who were stars on championship teams, indicating that he may not be a die-hard Knicks fan.

What does he think of the Golden State Warriors?

Dave Winer has expressed mixed feelings about the Golden State Warriors on In a post from May 31, 2019, he mentions enjoying a real contest in a recent NBA Finals game involving the Warriors, but also suggests that the team's dominance has forced the league to form around them and has made the end of the season less interesting for fans who prefer a real game to a rout. However, in a post from May 30, 2019, he also praises Warriors coach Steve Kerr for finding a way to turn in a different direction and make the team interesting again, and suggests that the team's intellectual talent is unparalleled.